Sorry We Are French

Sorry We Are French is a French boardgame publisher. We are a team of 3 persons (an illustrator, a game designer and a big boss) and sometimes 4 with a special guest we like to call “Dominator”.


You will have the opportunity to meet us during board game fairs and to discover the games from our various universes:

- Narrative games: Greenville 1989 and Paris 1889.

- Card games: Immortal 8, NINE and Gosu X.

- Eurogames: Ganymede + its Moon expansion and Demeter.


Each of our games has their dedicated page on this website, and for some of them, a publisher diary translated in English. Hopefully the French diaries can be easily translated online for the most curious players ... If you wish to buy our games, you can find all of them on our web shop, and even sleeves that match the size of the cards of most our games.