Minivilles - Extension Green Valley


Add spice to your game with Minivilles - Extension Green Valley. As popular as the standard version of Minivilles, you should try it right away you won’t be disappointed! 


Minivilles - Extension Green Valley is the second extension of Masao Suganuma’s game. 

The goal of the game remains the same; buy establishments to develop your city. Once your four monuments built, the victory is yours. The Green Valley extension contains 13 different establishments offering new actions and combos possibilities. These include the power to temporarily close a facility, a cruel punishment that could change the whole course of the game.   

Keeping the colorful spirit of Minivilles, Green Valley Extension will add a twist to the standard game you now know so well.  

Contents: 72 cards

Only available in French


Data sheet

Number of players
2 to 4 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 8 years old