Minivilles - Extension Marina

Réf : MINV02

Discover Minivilles- Extension Marina. It completes so well Minivilles that it becomes essential to the game. 


Minivilles - Extension Marina is the first extension of Masao Suganuma’s game.  

The goal of the game remains the same; buy establishments to develop your city. A new optional rule is however available; instead of presenting all the supply cards on the table there is now only 10 types of establishments revealed. Those cards are randomly picked and renewed throughout the game. Another difference is the winning condition. Indeed, it isn’t 4 but now 6 landmarks that have to be built.

The extension Marina, therefore, offers 13 new establishments including 3 unreleased landmarks. Don’t wait any longer to try it, it won’t disappoint you!

Contents: 68 cards

Only available in French


Data sheet

Number of players
2 to 4 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 8 years old