Minivilles - Extension 5/6 joueurs


More people can now enjoy Minivilles with Minivilles- Extension 5/6 players. Discover this new extension that allows up to 6 players to compete in the race for urban development. 


Minivilles - Extension 5/6 players is the third extension of Masao Suganuma’s game.

The goal of the game remains the same: buy establishments to develop your city. The outstanding feature of this extension is that it allows two additional players to join the game. There is, however, a slight difference with the basic rules; red and blue establishments now only take effect on adjacent players (otherwise they would have too much power).

The extension 5/6 contains the starting establishments and the landmarks required for the extra 2 players as well as 2 new unreleased establishments.  

Contents: 48 cards 

Only available in French


Data sheet

Number of players
2 to 6 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 8 years old