Réf : miniquest

A threat hangs over the Kingdom. Argo, the terrible dragon, and his army of monsters have taken possession of the premises and are now terrorizing the villagers. Aldor, the king, in order to put an end to it, decides to call his four most valiant heroes. They’ll have to join forces and all the power in their possession to succeed their mission.


Miniquest is a one of a kind game developed by Moonster Game Asia. It is a cooperative game in which to win against the game you’ll have to demonstrate team spirit.

The victory is yours once Argo, the terrible dragon, defeated. In order to do so, you must combine your heroes’s different powers to repel attacks and invasions coming from the monsters. But be careful because as the team suffered defeats the dragon's power increases until it becomes uncontrollable and ends the game. You’ll also have to pay attention to the time as it is counted and once the timeline finished the victory is lost forever. 

As a cooperative game, Miniquest allows all types of players to gather around a game. Also, two gameplay experiences are offered; apprentice and hero. With superb and original illustrations, designed by Naïade, Miniquest has all the qualities needed to be an amazing game!

Contents: 10 profiles characters, 2 dice, 28 chips, 17 characters/monsters cards, 36 Timeline cards, 20 power cards and a rulebook

Only available in French


Data sheet

Number of players
2 to 4 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 7 years old