Réf : CGIMAG01

We've all played those games in which a word or expression had to be guessed through drawings, mimes, charades, etc. Imagine is in the same vein but it adds a modern twist that brings guessing games up to date. Quick and fun, it will instantly spice up your evenings. To adopt immediately!


Imagine is Shotaro Nakashima’s first game and it already has a great success. Make your opponents guess enigmas by cleverly combining transparent cards.

Each turn a player will draw an enigma card. His goal is to make his opponents guess it. In order to do so, he can assemble, layer and animate transparent cards. To help him a clue corresponding to the category of the enigma will be revealed. The types of enigmas are objects, places, movies, expressions and more. 

Thanks to the ingenious and refined iconography of Laura Michaud an infinite number of combinations is possible. Interactive and fun, Imagine will make those brain cells of yours at work while remaining fun!

Contents: 61 transparent cards, 64 enigma cards, 35 score tokens, a rulebook


Data sheet

Number of players
3 to 8 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 12 years old