Have you ever dreamed of controlling a city? Here is your wish fulfilled. You’ve been elected mayor and were given the worthy task to build and develop your city. However, beware of your envious neighbors who will not hesitate to stand in your way and slow down your progress.


Designed by Masao Suganuma, Minivilles is a quick game enjoyed by the entire family. The simplicity of its rules will please both novice and experienced players.

Each player begins the game with a small town in their hands. Their goal is to grow it into the largest city in the region. In order to do so they can buy cards corresponding to different types of establishments. Those establishments are important as they enable to collect money throughout the game. When a player has raised enough money he can buy and build special buildings called landmarks. The victory is yours once your four landmarks erected.

As you can see, Minivilles is a pretty fun and accessible game. With its colorful universe wonderfully illustrated by Noboru Holta, you will immediately love it. 

Contents: 108 cards, 54 pieces, 2 dice and a rulebook

Only available in French


Data sheet

Number of players
2 to 4 players
Playing time
30 minutes
Minimum recommended age
from 8 years old